House & Home: Vinegar

256pp-Vinegar-Cover_Layout 1Vinegar may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you need to get rid of a stubborn wine stain, but this ancient cupboard staple is regaining its rightful place as a cheap, versatile and environmentally friendly solution to many household tasks.

This invaluable book has a great variety of recipes based on vinegar, as well as sections on how to use it in the laundry, gardening, DIY, and others. Hundreds of hints, tips, advice and recipes are provided in a clear, accessible style. Attractively illustrated, this brilliant little book is a visual treat as well as an invaluable practical aid.

  • Extensive front section on all the basics.
  • Bestselling cookbook format.
  • Wide choice of simple recipes.
  • Easy-to-follow method text with plenty of detail.
  • Makes Great gift, and an essential self-purchase.
  • Includes useful tips made easy on health, beauty, and others.



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